Under Construction


We love reptiles

Taking reptiles to a new elevation. 

We are bringing reptiles to Flagstaff Az. With our love of reptiles we are bringing as much knowledge, supplies and animals to our local area. We are a work in progress so please give us a chance to get caught up. 

What we do

The pictures below are pretty but not what we do. We will get some up when we get a moment to breathe. Until then picture the 1st picture as a beautiful Jigsaw Morph Ball Python. The second is a cute little African Soft Furred rodent and the last picture is an awesome enclosure setup with your next scaly family member waiting to come to your home. 


More on this later. We plan on bringing you snakes, lizards, tortoises and much more. 


To start with we are setting up our African Soft Furred (ASFs) colonies right now. I better get back to work!


We are looking forward to providing you with the best merchandise possible. Not all the fluff the big chain stores tries to push on you. 

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